We are hiring!

We are hiring!


OP3N is leading the formation of the decentralized “community economy” of web3. We are all about creating together and allowing value to remain with the people. That philosophy goes beyond creators and community members and extends to our internal team. If you’re passionate about digital collectibles and community building, we’re excited to meet you.

Open Positions

If you’re excited to work with us but haven’t found a role that fits you, feel free to get in touch with us at careers@op3n.world
OP3N is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We firmly believe that the best teams are diverse in as many ways as possible. That includes the diversity of ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, life experience, extroversion vs. introversion, web3 expertise, and more. We are committed to a transparent and unbiased hiring process as part of creating an inclusive work environment.

Working at OP3N will allow you to…

Foster communities

In web3, fans are more than just followers; they are members, investors, and collectors. At OP3N, we help those community members connect and build experiences together.

Empower creators

OP3N gives power back to the people, including creators who often get a raw deal with gatekept companies and industries. We never take ownership of IP and help creators big and small retain the value that they and their community members create.

Start something BIG

Digital Collectibles may seem like a fringe idea to the masses. But remember that radio, Internet, and so many other paradigm shifts started on the fringe too. You can be a leader in the coming web3 revolution.

We’re looking for…


Whether you’re a backend developer who architects code or a social media maven who nurtures community, we’re looking for people who want to get their hands dirty.


OP3N is decidedly not “in the box.” We thrive with people who are excited by unchartered territory and who are not afraid to explore the blue sky.


OP3N’s values of the community start at home. We want to work with collaborators who understand the value of working as a team and building ideas together.