Culture Catalyst Initiative

Web3 is finding its footing in the world of entertainment and creativity. NFT’s are poking at new models for lore and storytelling, but these efforts haven’t been fully realized. This is why OP3N and Avalanche are excited to announce our $100 million Culture Catalyst Initiative.

The initiative is committed to financing NFT projects in Culture: Musicians, Filmmakers, Digital Artists, And Creators across the world to build on Avalanche and launch on OP3N.

Similar to Warner Bros Studios or Marvel Studios, OP3N Studios will build a creator / studio fund that can finance development, produce, launch & distribute the most premium NFT Entertainment projects the world has ever seen. And we’d like to work with anyone interested in building with us. With OP3N Studios, we’re excited to work with all kinds of artists on NFT strategies, art development, marketing strategy, and smart contract deployment.

OP3N is particularly excited to work with Avalanche because of the protocols main attributes of being blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. OP3N is committed to those values because of our belief that fans, users, and community members should be able to have a great experience building community with their favorite artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you fund per project?
How many projects will you be hoping to launch with the fund?
How do you manage the financials of each project? How does OP3N and Avalanche make money?
What kinds of credits will OP3N and Avalanche get?
What will the Culture Catalyst Initiative cover for each project?

How To Apply