How to mint on OP3N with Crypto

How to start an account, connect your cryptowallet, and mint on OP3N.

Welcome to OP3N!

This is your how-to guide to successfully mint your NFT on the OP3N platform.

We will use Ethereum for the example in this guide, but it will apply the same for other blockchains.

Before minting on OP3N

To begin minting on OP3N you will need Ethereum (or ETH for short) in your crypto wallet.

ETH is one of the digital currency types required to purchase an NFT on the OP3N platform. To get ETH, you may need to trade your regular currency on a centralized exchange like Coinbase, Binance, FTX or many more.

You will also need a crypto wallet. One of the most commonly used and the one we recommend is called MetaMask https://metamask.io/download/. You can download MetaMask for your desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) or download the MetaMask mobile app from the iOS app store or Google Play store. Once your wallet is ready, you may need to transfer ETH from an exchange to your new wallet address. MetaMask is currently the only wallet supported by OP3N.


Ready to mint

Now that you have downloaded MetaMask and loaded it up with the required mint cost + gas fees, you are ready to mint an NFT on OP3N

  1. Open your desktop or mobile browser and navigate to www.op3n.world. On mobile you can use the browser built into the MetaMask app. For desktop, use the browser with the MetaMask extension installed.
  2. image
  3. Click the “Sign in” button in the top navigation bar of the OP3N website and login with your OP3N account. If you don’t have one created click on the “Sign up” link first before continuing
  4. Sign up instructions if you DO NOT want to dox yourself:
    1. Desktop browser: If you do not want to dox yourself, you may sign up by selecting the “sign in with MetaMask” only option. An account will be created for you that is tied to your wallet only.
    2. Mobile browser: sign up following the same instructions as written for desktop browser above. Please note that you might be taken to MetaMask browser on your MetaMask app to complete the sign up process.
    3. FYI: Please be aware that if you choose to sign up using the “sign in with MetaMask” option only, you will only have access to the NFT-Gated content and NFT-Gated chat channels on desktop browser. You will not be able to access NFT-Gated content and NFT-Gated chat channels in our mobile app unless you make an account on our mobile app using one of the other sign up options. Our team is currently working to ensure users who would like to avoid doxing themselves will be able to access these exclusive perks on the mobile app in the near future as well!
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  5. Click or tap on the “Explore Communities” button on the website
  6. image
  7. Scroll down and find the community you want to mint your NFT from and click or tap the name of the project
  8. When the project is ready to mint, click or tap on the “Buy NFT Collection” button and wait for the NFT purchase options to load.
  9. image

    If the project has no “Buy NFT Collection” button visible, you might be too early or it's been minted out. Stay tuned to the community updates in the OP3N community chat for that project.

  10. Once the NFT purchase options are loaded, click on the “Buy” button
  11. image
  12. You will be redirected to our 4 step minting process, step 1 will show you the summary of the NFT you’re about to purchase. On this page click on “Pay with Crypto” button
  13. image
  14. If you are on a desktop, you will see a MetaMask popup titled “Signature Request”. This window will display your current ETH balance and will have the op3n.world URL as the Origin. When you are ready, click on the “Sign” button. Once “signed” you will see a success message saying that you have successfully connected to a wallet on the op3n.world website.
  15. image
  16. Click the “Continue” button to submit a request to process the transaction. You will see a new MetaMask popup with the details of the transaction: Mint cost + Estimated gas fee and a final total.
  17. image
  18. Click “Confirm” in the MetaMask popup to submit the final transaction
  19. image
  20. If you have enough ETH in your wallet after a few seconds you will see a thank you and payment success message. Congratulations! You are now a new owner of an OP3N NFT! You will also receive an email with the purchase confirmations. You can now click or tap the “Continue” button
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  22. To view your NFT you can go to your account details page and click on the “Collections” tab or view your NFT on any NFT marketplace connected to your wallet.

If you have any questions during the minting process, you can reach out to OP3N Support support@op3n.world and submit a ticket.